Our team

Dave King
Founder, CEO

Dave King is Founder and CEO and is responsible for the company’s overall vision and product strategy. He has more than 20 years' product development and strategy experience in startups, agencies and corporate environments. Prior to Move 37 he founded the award-winning independent creative agency, The Royals, and co-founded Superlive, the real-time fantasy sports company.

Pan Demosthenous

As our Chief Technology Officer, Pan focusses on building products that will help our customers augment their creativity and ultimately market themselves radically better. He is an experienced technology architecture leader, having developed apps used by millions at Sky UK and co-founded real time sports company, Superlive.

Louise Tiernan
Product Designer

Louise is a designer, humanist & systems thinker that loves to make a difference. Over the past 8 years her passion and curiosity has kept her at the edge of Human Computer Interaction in industries across communications, health and e-commerce. From designing apps that featured in Apple's WWDC, when iOS was still in it’s infancy, to working with platforms and conversational interfaces at Intercom, Louise relishes opportunities to craft products that are beautiful and functional in equal measure.


Kevin is a talented engineer and mathematician with deep learning, computer vision and iOS development experience. His previous research has focussed on the optimisation of genomic models for predicting complex traits, and he has trained a convolutional neural network to steer a car around a really twisty track.