Move 37 helps augment human intelligence with powerful generative AI workflows in the enterprise. We help clients create the future that we all just realised was possible.


in 2017

We Started

Since then we've been head down researching, understanding experimenting, strategising, making and deploying. Because it turns out, when it comes to Generative AI, learning by doing is more a thing than ever.

We founded Move 37 in the before times (pre- the ChatGPT moment) with a vision to leverage natural language processing and language models to augment critical and creative thinking. Then of course, the language models got larger. What we're now seeing are not incremental changes to how we all complete today’s work tasks, but rather a tectonic shift in helping us understand and impact the world around us. Generative AI offers new capability, fresh talents and emerging superpowers that one day soon society will take for granted.

Today, we harness generative AI, particularly large language models, to foster human and machine collaboration through augmented workflows. You've got a hunch there's something in this. You're right. And we can't wait to talk to you about what we're seeing.


Dave King, CEO

Dave King is an award-winning creator, inventor and innovator. He has spent 20 years imagining and creating product, media and technology while along the way founding and growing the highly-regarded creativity and technology company, The Royals. In creating and conducting extensive R&D programs with universities and corporate labs, he’s come to the belief that the emergent technologies at the intersection of AI and language, will change the way approach critical thinking, knowledge acquisition and creativity. Dave is passionately optimistic that augmented intelligence applications can help human and machine achieve much more than either could alone.

Pan Demosthenous, CTO

Pan Demosthenous is an experienced technology leader. His work over decades has ranged from leading the development of set-top and mobile applications for millions of people at Sky UK to building and advising early stage start-ups. Since 2016, Pan has been focused on machine learning and language technology. Through collaborations with industry experts and academia, he has conducted research and development to harness the power of these rapidly evolving capabilities. His goal is to apply these technologies to help people solve real-world challenges, to enhance our work lives and maximise positive impact.

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