Job Opportunity: Research Scientist, NLP and ML

Move 37 is a creative AI startup based in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to create radical tools to augment human conceptual creativity. We are developing technology to power intelligent agents that will assist us with tasks involving creative thinking, exploration and problem solving.

The role:

This is a senior role in an early stage startup, working alongside the CTO and CEO to develop our core technology. You'll be applying your expertise to help us develop a world leading capability in this exciting and challenging domain. And as the team grows you'll take a lead role in establishing the processes and best practice for our ongoing research and development efforts.

What you’ll be working on:

You will be applying and extending the state of the art in areas such as:

●  Natural language processing at scale to build knowledge representations for downstream applications

●  Inference and reasoning over structured representations of concepts (e.g. graph neural networks, large scale language models, complex question answering)

●  Generative methods for the synthesis of novel conceptual outputs

To be successful, you'll need to have a genuine passion for the field that motivates you to keep up to date with the latest research, and an intuitive understanding of how this can be applied to solving real world problems. In support of this, we will encourage your participation in academic collaborations, conferences and workshops.

Your skills:

  • A background in NLP and text mining for tasks such as:

    • Knowledge extraction from open domain text (Open IE, AKBC)

    • Multi-document summarisation, fact extraction, opinion mining

    • Information representation as knowledge graphs and vector space models

  • Practical experience applying deep neural networks to NLP tasks, in particular using Transformer based language models such as BERT and GPT-2.

  • Excellent programming skills in Python with good knowledge of open source frameworks for NLP and deep learning.

  • Above all else, you are ambitious, creative and determined to solve hard AI problems.

You’ll have:

Ph.D degree in natural language processing with relevant publication record. At least 2 years industry experience.

If this sounds like you, and you want to be part of an exciting early stage startup with big ideas, get in touch and introduce yourself. We look forward to your application via

Thank you for your consideration :)