Human and Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership

Recently we hosted a super interesting event at Vivid Ideas in Sydney called Human and Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership. A big audience packed the top level of the Museum of Contemporary Art to hear Ross Goodwin - a Google-sponsored artist, hacker and former White House ghostwriter - do a keynote covering his work and perspectives. This was followed by panel featuring Joanna Batstone (CTO and VP of IBM Research Australia), Jon McCormack (artist and researcher in computational creativity), Michaela Futcher (Head of Strategy, the Royals).

Ross is a leading creator and thinker in the emerging field of artificial intelligence for creative industries, with previous projects including Sunspring; (starring Thomas Middleditch of ‘Silicon Valley’ fame), the world’s first film created from an AI-written screenplay,; a camera that expressively narrates photographs in real time using artificial neural networks, and most recently a second AI-written short film, It’s No Game, starring David Hasselhoff.

Our intention was to create a lively discussion covering the opportunities, limitations, challenges and ambitions of humans working hand in hand with machines in the creative industries. Our panelists brought a diverse range of fascinating perspectives to the conversation from a research, commercial, artistic and product angle.

The topic really grabbed the attention of local and international media. Clearly pundits see intersection of AI and creativity as a fascinating topic. Our event was covered in VICE, Cool Hunting, Broadsheet, Timeout, Junkee, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation a few times, including this chat on Radio National.

Ross and I also then participated in General Assembly's Machine with Brains event which was also full of interesting people fascinated by creative AI and its possibilities. 

Thanks to the super awesome Kate and Melia from KDPR for organising the whole thing. 

We're head down building our product but it's great to occasionally pop up and chat with a growing community about how excited we about augmented creativity. 

Dave King.

Dave King